Root Canals

Occasionally, part of a patient’s treatment plan can involve a root canal. While root canals can come as a result of a variety of different circumstances, the most common requirement is due to either a nerve within the tooth that is inflamed (causing pain and sensitivity), or when the nerve in a tooth has died and an abscess has subsequently formed. Sometimes, a root canal can be necessary due to a small fracture in the tooth.

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Some of the benefits of having a root canal performed are that (a) it is usually less expensive to save your tooth than to remove it and have to replace it, and (b) having a natural tooth can allow for better chewing function.

The procedure of a root canal today is very different from the days of old when the words “root canal” held more of a negative connotation. Today, patients should be completely comfortable and understand that the procedure should not feel very different from having a routine dental filling. The procedure may take 1-2 visits to complete, but the experience should be a one where patients can feel relaxed and enjoy a seamless procedure.

In certain cases, a root canal procedure may require the expertise of an endodontist. In these cases, patients will be referred to a specialist with whom we have an excellent working relationship and longstanding professional history. Upon completion, patients can then return to our office for our team to restore the tooth with an esthetic and functional crown.