Dental Implants

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Replace missing teeth and restore full function and aesthetics to your smile.
Dr. Brandon Alegre shows a patient an image of a panoramic X-ray on a television monitor.


A dental implant is a titanium post that replaces a tooth root and supports a new tooth or teeth.

Dr. Brandon Alegre can perform all aspects of implant treatment, from implant surgery to designing and placing the new teeth, whether you want to replace one tooth, several teeth or all your teeth. He uses 3D software that enables him to perform minimally invasive implant surgery.


Dr. Alegre has extensive training and experience in implant surgery and tooth restoration, including an extensive residency and a year-long fellowship program with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He has been placing implants since 2006. He continually stays up-to-date in the latest implant technologies and procedures, implementing them as appropriate in our own practice.

Dr. Brandon Alegre designing the dental implant placement.

Dr. Alegre is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists



Dental implants are the most natural and lifelike way to replace a tooth. They’re also the least complicated way as you’re not involving other teeth, as with dental bridges, or using dentures that will require constant maintenance. Decades of studies have proven that dental implants are both efficacious and safe. Recent technology, such as used by Dr. Alegre, has made implant placement even more accurate and efficient.

What type of dental implants are best?

Dr. Alegre uses top-of-the-line titanium implants to ensure strength and integrity. Although zirconia (ceramic) implants are considered more aesthetic, studies show that zirconia implants don’t have the same tensile strength as titanium implants. To avoid any titanium showing, Dr. Alegre places the implant deep enough in the gum tissue so that it’s hidden.

Who should get dental implants?

People with missing teeth or teeth that are failing and can’t easily be saved, as well as people who are currently wearing dentures or partial dentures. If you have a question whether your tooth or teeth should be saved or replaced, Dr. Alegre can examine your teeth, including 3D x-rays, and let you know which would be the best way to go.

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Diagram of a dental implant.

Implant Procedures

Single Implant

One or two missing teeth are replaced with single implants, an abutment (the connecting piece) and a crown.


Three to four adjacent missing teeth are replaced with an implant bridge.


Beautiful new teeth fixed in with implants for one or both arches. Dr. Alegre can replace your teeth in just one day, including any necessary extractions.

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Dr. Alegre shaking hands with a patient.


Dr. Alegre uses 3D imaging technology to plan and place your dental implants. This ensures precision placement and efficient surgery. Not only does Dr. Alegre place dental implants, but cosmetic dentistry is a major part of his practice. He knows how to create aesthetic, natural-looking teeth that function correctly and give you a beautiful smile.


Your first step is to meet with Dr. Alegre to get an exam and 3D X-rays using our dental cone beam CT scanner. From the 3D scan, he can assess whether an implant(s) is needed and provide you with a treatment plan. He’ll answer any questions you have. If no bone grafting is required, you can even get your new implant and temporary tooth as soon as the next day, or the same day if it’s an emergency.

Dr. Alegre in a consultation with a patient.


Using 3D software, Dr. Alegre can make sure there are no surprises or unnecessary surgery once the surgery starts. He can plan the size of the implant, the best location to place the implant and he can see whether or not the underlying bone will support an implant and if bone grafting will be needed. He can also see if the space is wide or tall enough to house an implant, and if it isn’t, remedy that ahead of time.

An important part of Dr. Alegre’s planning is deciding how exactly the implant should be positioned so that the new tooth crown is both cosmetically and functionally appropriate.

Dr. Alegre planning the dental implant placement procedure.


The 3D software used by Dr. Alegre—the X-Guide®—not only allows him to pre-plan the surgery with precision, it also guides him during the surgery. Dr. Alegre can view the surgery in magnified detail, giving him great accuracy of placement.

With the X-Guide surgically guided system, Dr. Alegre can often place an implant without creating a single incision or requiring a single suture as the surgery is already planned and he can just put the implant straight in and cap it so that any bleeding is immediately stopped.

Dr. Alegre standing next to a 3D planning technology.


In some cases the bone underlying the tooth or teeth will need to be augmented by using bone graft material to stimulate bone growth. Occasionally, the sinus floor needs to be lifted to allow the new bone to grow. Bone grafting is done in-house by Dr. Alegre and sinus lifts are performed by our periodontist.

Dr. Alegre uses bone graft materials from providers that have researched over years the materials that are safest to use and give the most reliable results.

In some cases, Dr. Alegre can place the bone graft at the same time as the dental implant, depending on how much bone needs to be replaced.

Diagram of a dental implant being supported by bone grafting.


You’ll get a temporary tooth or teeth immediately or within 24 hours of your implant surgery. 8 to 12 weeks later you’ll get your permanent crown, bridge or full-arch of teeth. This gives the the implant a chance to fully integrate into the bone.

Your new tooth or teeth will be very lifelike and blend in seamlessly with the teeth around them. They will also function like a normal tooth. Dr. Alegre uses high-quality, durable materials and works with an excellent lab that fabricates very natural-looking, aesthetic teeth.

Image of a patient smiling.


We have TVs in every treatment room, soft blankets and pillows. Dr. Alegre gives a very soft injection that most patients don’t even notice. For increased comfort, you can opt for oral sedation, which usually puts patients into a light dozing state.

Our staff are very friendly and warm, and Dr. Alegre is personable, respectful and has a great bedside manner.

Dr. Alegre shaking hands with a patient.


Image of a patient smiling.
“Now I can eat food I like!”
“Dr. Alegre has a great personality and treats you with respect. He makes you feel comfortable.
“My wife and I can trust him with the work, and trust him not to rip us off ! They’re honest with you. I didn’t know anything about the procedures when we began so he explained everything, showed me X-rays and answered all my questions.
“He knows what he’s doing. Earlier dentists screwed up our teeth. I had a year and a half of procedures including implants and bridges that were no good. I couldn’t chew or eat. Now I can eat food I like!”
“I had two bridges that broke and I replaced them with five implants. I can finally eat steak again!”
“Dr. Alegre is very friendly and helpful and explains the course of action before and during the procedures, He doesn’t pressure you to do extra work. He is very thorough and has good expertise.
“The staff are very friendly and helpful, and are really concerned about you. They make me feel comfortable. I’m never nervous.”

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