New Teeth In One Day

Boca Raton, FL
Strong, beautiful fixed-in teeth in one day for one or both arches.

Smile and Chew Again with Confidence!

Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Brandon Alegre places 4 to 6 implants at special angles to hold strong, natural-looking new permanent teeth.

Broken-down teeth?

If most of your teeth are in bad condition and need a lot of work, getting a whole new set of teeth on one or both arches can be your fastest and healthiest option. Trying to save very poor dentition can be costly, painful and often unsuccessful.

Sick of wearing dentures?

If you wear dentures and you’re tired of loose teeth, painful chewing and using adhesive, we can replace your dentures with new, fixed-in teeth.



Dr. Alegre has extensive training in dental implant planning and surgery, including a residency program and a year-long program with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, resulting in Dr. Alegre being granted fellowship status.

State-of-the-art Implant Technology

Dr. Alegre uses a cone beam dental CT scanner to capture 3D images of the teeth, mouth and jaw and to find the areas with the greatest bone density to place the implants. He uses 3D implant software to plan the implant placement and to guide the surgery so that the implants are placed accurately and efficiently.

$79 Dental Implant Consultation
  • Consultation with Dr. Alegre
  • Limited oral exam
  • CBCT scan (if needed)
  • Discuss your goals and concerns
  • Review your treatment options
  • Get your questions answered
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How New Teeth in One Day Works



We’ll scan your mouth and jaw with our dental CT scanner and take digital impressions using our intraoral scanner. This allows Dr. Alegre to select the best locations and angles to place the implants.



Dr. Alegre plans the surgery in detail using his 3D software and sends the digital impressions to our lab so they can plan and process the temporary teeth.



Dr. Alegre does any needed extractions, places the implants and attaches the temporary new teeth that have been custom-made for you. Dr. Alegre places 4 implants in each arch, sometimes 5 or 6 if he thinks extra security is needed. The temporary teeth can be used right away —Dr. Alegre will let you know what type of foods you can eat.

Dr. Alegre uses the X-Guide® 3D Navigation to view the surgery in magnified detal, giving him exceptional accuracy in placing the implants.



After a few months, Dr. Alegre will rescan your teeth and implants so that your final teeth can be made. The bone and gum tissue reshape and recontour themselves while they fully heal and Dr. Alegre wants to make sure that your permanent teeth are the right shape and will be correctly positioned. He also will do a try-in for function and aesthetics to make sure you are happy with fit, feel and looks of your new teeth.

Your teeth will be made out of Zirconia ceramic, an extremely strong and aesthetic porcelain. He can also use metal-reinforced acrylic for an opposing arch to prevent fracture, or for people who tend to grind a lot. We use an excellent lab that creates very aesthetic, lifelike teeth.


Friendly, Comfortable Care

We make sure you are comfortable before, during and after your full-arch treatment. During the procedure you can get oral sedation, which puts you into a light dozing state.

Our friendly staff will take good care of you and Dr. Alegre will explain the treatment to you thoroughly so you know what to expect, and answer any questions you have.


Affordable Payment Plans

Paula, our office manager will work with you to find the right solution to pay for your implant treatment. While implant treatment is only minimally covered by dental insurance, we do offer financing from several healthcare financing companies and there are other solutions we can help you with, too.

Learn more about our payment options.


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