Tooth Extractions

Boca Raton, FL

Comfortable tooth extractions in a friendly, comfortable environment

Do you have a tooth needing extraction? Or suspect you might? Dr. Alegre will do a full exam, digital X-rays and intraoral photography to assess what should be done with your tooth.

If you need an extraction, he’ll make sure you are comfortable. He removes the tooth slowly and steadily to avoid excess pressure or damage to the surrounding bone.

Preserving the tooth socket

If you are not planning on replacing the tooth with an implant right away, it’s important to make sure the bone in the socket doesn’t atrophy. Dr. Alegre places some bone graft material in the socket and the body is stimulated to produce its own bone to keep the socket the same width and size.

“I'm so nervous at the dentist, but they all make you feel comfortable. They're all wonderful”

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