“When I first came to Dr. Alegre my teeth were in bad condition and I had infections. Dr. Alegre gave me implants and crowns and I feel self-confident now. The office feels like family and Dr. Alegre is caring, compassionate, kind and understanding.”
“Now I can eat food I like!
“Dr. Alegre has a great personality and treats you with respect. He makes you feel comfortable.
“My wife and I can trust him with the work, and trust him not to rip us off! They’re honest with you. I didn’t know anything about the procedures when we began so he explained everything, showed me X-rays and answered all my questions.
“He knows what he’s doing. Earlier dentists screwed up our teeth. I had a year and a half of procedures including implants and bridges that were no good. I couldn’t chew or eat. Now I can eat food I like!”
“I was in significant pain from a poorly performed root canal done earlier. Prior to becoming a patient of Dr. Alegre, I dreaded the dentist’s office.
“You can trust that Dr. Alegre will only recommend procedures that you need. I’ve never had the feeling that unnecessary work was being pushed on me. Dr. Alegre has always performed my dental work with minimal possible discomfort.”
“Before seeing Dr. Alegre, I had an extreme fear of the dentist that prevented me from seeing one for some time. I had horrible tooth pain and was referred to Dr. Alegre by family. I am so grateful to have found him!
“I now have a beautiful, healthy smile! I also have no hot/cold sensitivity.
“Paula immediately squeezed me in and Dr. Alegre took care of my tooth the same day. He was sensitive to my fear and was so patient, gentle and explained everything to me. He is honest and conservative with treatment.
“The staff is organized, always running on time, and very friendly! The office is clean and welcoming and Dr. Alegre uses the newest technology to make each procedure go smoothly.
“Dr. Alegre has been my dentist ever since. I am no longer nervous and have a healthy smile. The office is clean and high tech. The hygienists are gentle and friendly. Could not recommend more!”
“I had two bridges that broke and I replaced them with five implants. I can finally eat steak again!
“Dr. Alegre is very friendly and helpful and explains the course of action before and during the procedures, He doesn’t pressure you to do extra work. He is very thorough and has good expertise.
“The staff are very friendly and helpful, and are really concerned about you. They make me feel comfortable. I’m never nervous.”
“Dr. Alegre gave me a smile! And I enjoy sharing it freely and often! I am not overly anxious when I must go to the dentist. I am now better able to keep up with proactive/preventive care.
“Dr. Alegre has an excellent ‘chair’-side manner. He quickly picked up on my past dental trauma and remained sensitive to my comfort level. He is personable and sensible.
“The ladies in the office are wonderful, efficient, and professional. Paula, at the front desk, was part of the reason our family started with Dr. Alegre. I once shared that I hate dental work but absolutely love my dentist people! 
“Dr. Alegre is up-to-date with best practices and technology. He is able to share knowledge and explains the pros/cons of a treatment plan, provides treatment options without pressure to purchase the ‘Cadillac Plan’. They are really client focused and accommodating, resulting in a high level of comfort.”
“I am pain-free and have nice-looking teeth now.
“Dr. Alegre is kind, honest and calm. He gives me honest opinions. The office is clean and the staff are honest.
“This office runs on time, there is no waiting around. The doctor comes in promptly and introduces himself confidently. The staff is very comforting, asking if I need any refreshments and reminding me that everything will be OK. I know I am in good hands in Dr. Alegre’s chair, as he always talks patients through the procedure and lets me know what is taking place.”
“Dr. Alegre is kind and gentle and is always available when I call. The staff in the office are very friendly and always professional. My smile has never been better!”
“Going to Dr. Alegre’s office has been the best experience I have had. Everyone at the office is very friendly and understanding. I feel that I receive top quality care when I go. Dr. Alegre always takes the time to explain things and go over options. He also is attentive to his patients and usually follows up after procedures to see how pain levels are and any swelling. I would recommend Dr. Alegre to anyone.”
“I give Dr. Alegre six stars not five! He has a very good bedside manner, very thorough, he really listens, is very helpful and makes all his work perfect.
“I had broken my front teeth and I needed them to eat. Dr. Alegre got me in right away early Monday morning so I could go to work. The front desk is great, very friendly and helpful, they really care about the patients. They answered the phone on Sunday and got me in on Monday morning early!
“They have up-to-date tools like a dental CT scanner. They’re not old-fashioned. Dr. Alegre can do most everything without sending me out.
“He did a great job on my teeth, very thorough, and good cost.”