Sedation Dentistry

At Alegre Dentistry, we understand that for some, visiting the dentist’s office can be an anxious event. We know that as a new patient, you may have had a previous negative dental experience at another office. Some of our patients have even considered themselves “dental phobics.”

Sound like you? Following a medical evaluation and consultation with your general physician, we would invite you to consider if Oral Conscious Sedation is an option for you. The use of oral conscious sedation has assisted certain patients that suffer from dental phobia with conquering their fears in seeking dental treatment. It can also offer a more comfortable dental experience with reduced anxiety during treatment. Dental phobia can lead to neglect of your oral health, and increased risk in damage to your teeth and gum tissue. The assistance of Oral Conscious Sedation can aid patients in achieving their goals of seeking the dental care they know they need.