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Dental Technology

In-Office Cone Bean CT Scanner

At Alegre Dentistry we pride ourselves on having technology at the forefront of our practice.

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives, and dentistry is no different. The dental field has experienced many technological advancements in diagnostic capabilities, which directly affects our ability to deliver a higher level of proficiency in patient care.

We are a completely digital office ranging from the equipment we use to the records we keep; we utilize digital charting and radiography, intra oral cameras, and we also offer an in-office Cone Beam CT scanner, which utilizes 3-D imaging to uncover more detail than ever afforded in prior methods in dentistry. With relatively low levels of radiation compared to hospital-based CT scanners, we can safely assess and plan out nearly every detail of your treatment from start to finish.

These technologies, along with our patient-first focus and attention to detail, allow us to better achieve our professional mission, which is to provide the best care possible to every patient.